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1994 Chevy G20 - "Wolf's Den"

Wolf & Sweet Tooth
County Line Vans - Van Club

Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Trim
Built in Bar
Built-in Lit-up Bottle Rack
"Shot" Dispenser
Two Small Coolers
Custom Thick Fold-Down Bed
Vista Light Panels / Mood Lighting
10 Overhead Storage Areas
Hanging Tissue Holder
Map Light
Reading Lights
Custom Made Wooden Drink Tray
Cleaner/Rag/Oil Bin
Odds-n-Ends Rack
Fire Extinguisher

Van-tique Custom Fiberglass High-Top
Medium Quasar Blue Paint
Rechromed Bumpers
Chromed TV/Cable Locking Receptacle
Chromed 120Volt Locking Receptacle
Flared Wheel Well Extensions
Flared Front Spoiler
Blue Dots in Turn Signal Lenses
Blue Dots in Tail-Light Lenses
Light-up Door Handles
Color Matched Grill Inserts

Solar Panel Battery Charger
13 Inch Color TV
2002 DVD
6 Disc - CD Changer
Uniden XL460 CB Radio
Remote Alarm System w/ Pager
120 Volt 50 AMP/AC Hook-up
External Telephone Hook-up
External Cable TV Hook-up
Twin Mirror-Mounted Firestick Aerials
Optima Red-Top Battery

Rubber Mounted Windshield
Limo Tint All Around
Etched Glass All Around ---
Wolves, Rose, Mottos, Van Club Logos, Unicorn, Middle Finger Foot, Pterodactyl, Dragon, Truck-in' Dude, etc.

Chevy 350 - 4 Bolt
TBI w/ Spacer Plate
Heavy Duty Radiator
Auxiliary Oil Cooler
Transmission Cooler
Sun Tach on Dash
Colored Hoses

Rear Air Bags
Heavy lift springs
Moog Front End

Wheels & Tires:
Cragar S/S : Front 15x8, Rear 15x10 Reverse Offset
BF Goodrich T/A Radials: Front 235/60R15, Rear 275/60R15

Side-Pipes w/ Slotted Shields (disconnected)
True Dual Exhaust - 2.5 Inch Pipe Off Collectors
Cats: (only 'cause I have to)
Mufflers: Only when I go for Emissions Testing

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More Van Info
1994 Chevy G20 - "Wolf's Den"

Wolf & Sweet Tooth   -   County Line Vans - Van Club

Why build your own Van when you can buy one?
"if you have to ask...you probably wouldn't understand." says it all.

Look at any custom built van, and you are not only looking at someone's vehicle,
you are looking at their creativity, lifestyle, skill, character and individuality.

No vanner can ever be accused of being content with fitting in with everyone else.

Why Vanning? Wasn't that a 70's / 80's thing?:  
Maybe...but we like the fact that we can park anywhere we want and spend time with the family. We don't have to worry about motels, hotels, or WAY overpriced lodges.

Nothing beats waking up in the morning overlooking a bluff or overlooking the ocean!

Now, considering how much of a pain travel is with the "terrorist threat"...a van is the perfect way to travel with a family.

On the Road:  
On the road the van handles well. A bit front heavy with the rake and sizes of the wheels....but for something that heavy, it is really great to travel in.

How does it trailer:
The van trailers great. I pulled a 27 foot Sea Ray, 9 - Canoe Trailer, Motorcycle Trailer, Flatbed Trailer, Bobcat Trailer and even a Water Buffalo. It handles exceptionally well.

The Battery Buddy was the greatest thing since rock and roll.
Next, dual batteries will allow more lighting and better power.

The murals are not done yet.
I have done several buddies' truck and van windows...
and they have referred me to their buddies.
It seems now that I do not have any time left to do my own anymore. 

WOW!!! What a difference a new mill makes.
Gone are the days of low oil pressure...fried valves and no power.

Long live the forward rake!!!!
Gotta love the "old-school" look.

Wheels & Tires:
Cragar S/S : Front 15x8, Rear 15x10 Reverse Offset
BF Goodrich T/A Radials: Front 235/60R15, Rear 275/60R15
...'nuff said

Some say that  they can't hear themselves think when they are next to the van.
I SAY...
If they are carrying on conversations with themselves...
they have bigger problems than my exhaust!!!